Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a shaky lil' isle I'm on!

This has been another shaky week: Wellington region had two little 4.5 and 4.7 shakes in the last few days. Nothing unusual, but my insomnia made me acutely aware of them happening: normally I sleep through anything less than a 5.6 quake!

So, as this week is winding down, kids have been fed, Friday drinkies are being drunk, I feel settled enough to have a little ponder about what's been happening.
The frequency of the recent quakes, Wellington and Christchurch, have been prying on my mind, subconsciously, depriving me of much needed sleep and making me walk in the day time like a zombie. Not to mention making me forget all the birthdays happening. But I apologized and congratulated everyone belatedly.
The routine required of taking care of the children, household and animals is driving the surreality of the situation home even more: life as they knew it has stopped down south, and here I'm keeping going same old same old!
And that means butchering more rabbits and chicken.
Blood shed!
And I am SOOOOO not in the mood for that.
Mind you, it's not my favourite past time at the best of times, but needs must....

So, what do I do? Plan a night in town, two actually, and I'm hoping to get thoroughly entertained and plastered for one of them. Also, a hair cut might be on the agenda, and some good ole goss with my best friend.

And as shallow as it reads, it does make me feel heaps better, in fact so good, I'm going to go and set up my drum kit again and bash the living day lights out of it. Just for fun!

I love to live in the country, all the pastoral beauty I see, but once in a while this drummer punk girl needs to get let out. So, even though I've done a heap of country living stuff, baking cakes, helping to clean the beach, making Camembert and Quark, I'm really looking forward to unadulterated town/music/debauchery time.
And if I get some great vids or pics I might even share those on my other blog. 'Cause it'll be of/with a new band, whose drummer and singer I know and appreciate immensely. But that'll be for the other blog.

So, for now, no pics of country pursuits.

I can see myself shiver in!