Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Ok, last week Brownie gave birth to her third litter, and her daughters Ginger and Lavender didn't. Unexpectedly her litter was only 4. But as I found out from others later on, to be expected from an unsupervised "mating". Obviously he didn't get to do the job properly with either of them.
So, after the max waiting time had elapsed the daughters got mated again on Monday, and this time properly. Well, as far as I could tell.

In the past week Brownie, the mum of four, has been behaving like an utter tart. And last night she managed to undo the boy's latch and they spent the night cavorting. AGAIN. I have to padlock his cage! Way to early for her: the does are supposed to have a recuperating time of 2-3 months between litters, but hey, let's see what happens in 30 days!

The babies, because there's only four of them, have been thriving and putting on weight and fur very quickly. Eyes are still closed, and should be for another 3-7 days, but that doesn't stop the kids bringing them in and giving them oodles of cuddles.
This bunch of babies is the leakiest we have had so far. EVERY time we pick them up, they piddle! I always make sure not to wear anything "nice" and even the kids are learning to keep their distance after the first one managed to squirt them in the face!!


Uno, the boy, has had a bit of a big snoz for quite some time. We had decided once we knew if he had lead in his pencil, we'd take him to the vet and get it sorted out. Well, while playing around with Ginger, she did the vets job, without anesthetic: she lanced one side of his nose and the most disgusting amount of gooey thick puss came out. Trying to keep it clean so it doesn't get affected, and hopefully the abcess will go by itself. Otherwise a visit at the vets is still on. We got him in for a check-up and he had a good nosey around, watched suspiciously by the dog!

The snow storm, which prevented me from watching two movies and a highly anticipated gig on Sunday night, was exciting at first. But now that we've been having mainly rain, hail, sleet and WIND we're over it. Could Spring please make an appearance soon?

The goats have been coping so far okish, I had to put coats on them twice, but feeding them hay twice a day seems to have been alright for them.

And we've been getting 3-5 eggs a day from the hens, so this week I'll be doing some baking again.

Oh, and speaking of baking, I've decided to start another blog!!  Only about food, recipes. No raising, butchering etc there. And the name?? Hehe, Pounui Resort Restaurant and Cafe!  PRRC for short.

see you soon,
here or there,