Wednesday, May 4, 2011


is that a word??!

Certainly a state of mind slowly acquired!

Today is shopping day, and I'm getting a weird sense of satisfaction looking into the empty fridge. I've just taken the scrap container to the chickens, weekly occurrence, and the regular compost container is not even a 1/3 full. Which all implies that I'm managing my food very well. Which is good in times of economic uncertainty.

Hopefully the trend will continue, so when the cash flow looks better I can happily spend it on luxuries, like records, CD's and maybe a regular hair cut from the fancy hairdresser in town!  [insert cheeky smile emoticon]

This weekend I'll be taking the second cheese to a birthday party and get it assessed by a bunch of girls high on food, booze and game time spirit! Verdict will be published next week.