Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good times ahead?

This morning I noticed one of our rabbit girls with a hay moustache running up into the nest box!!
She's making a nest. Fantastic, hopefully she knows best and in 18 days we'll have some babies.
And not to be outdone her sister started just at lunch time to copy her. So now I've got a couple of maiden does who might have babies soon! As a precaution I've set up a second nursery to make sure they don't start fighting over space!

And on the goat front: the girls seem to be getting used to Riley doing his thang, even though I still have to hold them in place. BUT, Tui has started squeezing between me and the box, and Riley's been standing next to the box looking at me expectantly. I seem to have created kinky goats! Anyway, twice a day it's playtime until Riley is not interested anymore, and then hopefully back to normal grazing routine.

Tha', tha', that's all folks!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


.... it's been exactly four weeks today that Riley the buck has come to visit!
Yesterday and today, despite my assumption that last week both girls' heat had finished, he showed an extraordinary amount of interest in Poppy! So, even though I hate to interfere, I helped him getting a leg or two up. Today I think he might have done it, but I'm way tooo close to the action already and didn't really want to get any closer, so I'm not to sure.
And Tui is feeling left out! She seems to be coming into heat again too, as he was interested enough in her to do a job when she was held.

This is just all WAY TOO hands-on. I'd like to leave nature to itself and take its course, but on the same token, as Mr.10 poignantly told me: " If you want milk you need to help Riley make babies!"

Well, in 4-5 months I might see how successful this date has been.

Have to remember for next season to get a boy in earlier, and maybe one bigger than the girls: they are just to tall and stronger than Riley and just walk or run away from him. But then again, next season they might remember him and be ok?!

On the plus side, the hens have started laying again, instead of one every second day, we're now getting 3-5 every day!!!

Now I just have to keep an eye peeled for any hens going AWOL and sitting on nests. But that'll be fine too, chickies!!!!!!!

TTFN, peace and out.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

and another fortnight races by

and here some pics of what's been happening.
For starters, I built a prototype rabbit feeder to keep the sparrows and their poops out of the rabbit's food.
And it's working!

Next, our adopted cat seems to be settling in, and either she'll have to go on a diet pretty soon or she'll give birth! Haven't got a pic of her and her barrel shaped  midriff, but only one of her sitting on a fav chair.

And last but not least, today's the first day of school holidays and my hubby went into Wellington with our daughter. So I got our son to make a list of things he'd like to do during those 2 1/2 days. He came up with 13 points! 

We've done three: put some of his toys on Trademe, played a food game and made Lamingtons, the first one got demolished in no time. Fortunately I photographed those first, gotta have proof. 

TTFN and enjoy the sun.