Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good times ahead?

This morning I noticed one of our rabbit girls with a hay moustache running up into the nest box!!
She's making a nest. Fantastic, hopefully she knows best and in 18 days we'll have some babies.
And not to be outdone her sister started just at lunch time to copy her. So now I've got a couple of maiden does who might have babies soon! As a precaution I've set up a second nursery to make sure they don't start fighting over space!

And on the goat front: the girls seem to be getting used to Riley doing his thang, even though I still have to hold them in place. BUT, Tui has started squeezing between me and the box, and Riley's been standing next to the box looking at me expectantly. I seem to have created kinky goats! Anyway, twice a day it's playtime until Riley is not interested anymore, and then hopefully back to normal grazing routine.

Tha', tha', that's all folks!

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