Sunday, July 17, 2011

and another fortnight races by

and here some pics of what's been happening.
For starters, I built a prototype rabbit feeder to keep the sparrows and their poops out of the rabbit's food.
And it's working!

Next, our adopted cat seems to be settling in, and either she'll have to go on a diet pretty soon or she'll give birth! Haven't got a pic of her and her barrel shaped  midriff, but only one of her sitting on a fav chair.

And last but not least, today's the first day of school holidays and my hubby went into Wellington with our daughter. So I got our son to make a list of things he'd like to do during those 2 1/2 days. He came up with 13 points! 

We've done three: put some of his toys on Trademe, played a food game and made Lamingtons, the first one got demolished in no time. Fortunately I photographed those first, gotta have proof. 

TTFN and enjoy the sun.

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