Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fortunately my head's screwed on...

....otherwise I might have misplaced it in the last couple of weeks!

Cat update: she's been given a month to sort herself out and get along with our cat and dog, or she will have to find a new home. Fortunately I've had two people interested, who are happy enough to wait and see.

Bunny babies: none yet. Giving her til Monday ( 1 week over) and then decision about the the boy will have to be made. I saw him do the deed twice and if he can't produce babies reliable he'll have to go. At his present weight, he'll make a HUGE roast!

Goats: shenanigans galore! Tui was in heat in the past two days, but was showing very stroppy maiden behaviour. Not sure if Riley managed to his job somehow, will see in 5 months I suppose. If she doesn't come into heat again in three weeks it's no guarantee that she got pregnant, as they only cycle for a short period, autumn to early winter. Poppy is due to come into heat during the next week, and we'll see how she'll go. This is turning out to be another huge learning curve, and getting to know the goats intimately. Too intimate!!!!!!

Chicken: got 9 potentially laying hens in the hen house , and getting ONE egg a day! Either my red sensitivity is off kilter, or they're holding in VERY hard!

Kids: the human variety: cheeky like monkeys and growing up way too fast.

On a very positive note, last weekend I used my homemade Quark to make German Cheesecake and it came out perfect! Another winner to put into my home baking/-making repertoire. I had intended to try making Mozzarella this week, but after all the going-ons I'll do that next week. Haven't got the peace of mind to focus and it's a bit more complicated to make.