Friday, February 10, 2012

Gotta stop blogging! ;-)

never a dull day on the farm: after yesterday's post I went about my things in the other house and saw something different in the goat paddock. You know the game "Spot the Difference"? I'm pretty good at it: saw a white spot in the paddock and wondered what it could be, as it clearly shouldn't be there. Then a thought flashed through my head: a duck! Don't ask me why, it certainly was too far away to see clearly. So I got outside and by then the spot had disappeared.I knew then, an animal.  Raced down, as light-footed as possible and try to locate it.
And found a duck trying to hide underneath a flax bush!
A little white-headed beauty. I think it's a juvenile Paradise duck, but will have that confirmed or corrected today by the experts on my Lifestyle forum!

She's got an injury on her head, quite a bit of skin seems to have been ripped of in an attack, but it's not bleeding anymore, and she doesn't seem on death's doorstep. So I'm hoping with a couple of days of undisturbed rest, out of the weather and away from potential predators she'll come right soon. I'm wondering if she could be tamed,she's just too gorgeous, but I doubt it,she seems too grown up already.
Anyway, time will tell, and it's left a smile on my face!
And I hope yours too!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

This is insane!

I cannot believe how the year is flying past!
All seems to be back to normal on the farm, including the hens again not laying in the hen house.
One day I got 11 eggs, of 12 potentially laying hens, and since then it's between 1-4. Ridiculous! Don't they know that the non-layers awaits a rather cold and minced future??!!
I have found a home for two of the billy goats: once they are old enough to be weaned, in a fortnight, they will go to a neighbour's place down the road. The children, Mr.11 especially, are not too happy about it, but we're keeping the cuddliest kid, Moritz, as long as he behaves himself.
The ducks still haven't molted enough to identify the boys from the girls, properly, so they are all still alive and eating. At least I managed last weekend to put a gate up and fix part of the fence which had been destroyed by the kid goats and the windy weather. So I don't have to shepherd them back into the run every morning now. Grateful for small mercies.
A month ago I had mated two of the bunny girls, with the large white boy, Werner, and I'm hoping that today they'll pop a dozen or two!

And once the goat kids are sorted, the paddock properly fenced with an electric wire at the bottom, I'll get a couple of girl piglets!!! The neighbour's sows had a tiny girl each, officially they're called runts, but they look so cute, it seems rude to call them that. Hopefully with a bit of more time they will still grow to a decent size. The neighbour's not too sure what to do with them, so once she has to make a decision we'll talk with her. As pigs are very destructive once they're older, I have to think very carefully about where to put them!
But, as I'm finding out now, there's not a lot of meat on dairy goats, so keeping them for meat is not really feasible. So, I'd rather use any paddock space for another animal.
Tomorrow I shall be starting milking the girls again, the withholding period after their drench is finished today. Again I will have to lock the kid goats away for the night so I have a chance of getting some milk!

Today we were supposed to go a beach with the school, for Water Safety training, but Mr.11 complained of a queasy tummy, AND the weather forecast is cold winds for mid morning. It's a three hour round trip, so we decided not to take the risk: I'm not keen on a potentially vomiting kid in the car in bad weather! We had gone the last time it was run, so I will just make the kids have a look again at some of the safety measures on the net.

off to feed my menagerie.