Monday, February 13, 2012


Short note: Fipps lost his balls today. Well, he didn't exactly loose them, they came off and I actually found them lying in the grass. There was a bit of blood, so I sprayed as much iodine as he would let me. Hopefully he'll be fine and the flies won't get into the wound. Now just waiting for the other two boys.

The rabbits still haven't coughed up any babies. I'll give them til Monday before putting Silver over them. And not sure whether to give Werner a second chance or not?!

Yesterday morning I tried to put the wild duck into the run with the Rouens, but that didn't work out: she kept trying to squeeze through the mesh, damaging her beak a bit. And the others are so much bigger than her, that I'd be worried once they'd get over her and get nosey they might crush her.
And I was told that Paradise ducks don't mingle with other breeds. So, I will wait til she looks strong enough to fend for herself again and take her down to the big lake. It's a protected one, from shooters and there's heaps of other water fowl there. Hopefully she'll find her flock, or can attach herself to another flock and be happy.