Monday, December 10, 2012

and almost Christmas here too!

What's been happening? Dunno know, but I just can't get it sorted!
Ah, never mind, just realized: WORK! I am very lucky to say that I actually have been having paid work for the past couple of months. Which makes a serious dent in my free-time.
All good though, the animals are profiting from this: long over due cullings have been delayed and breeding just keeps going.
My ducks have been producing eggs reliably and I have now 8 home grown home bred ducklings. One is 3 1/2 weeks, or thereabouts, and for the past two days has been out of the hutch and mingling with the rest of the flock of .... chickens! After all, mum is a hen. That hatching didn't go too well though: only one out of five eggs managed to make it alive. The next batch, with two hens sharing one hutch, produced 7 out of 13 eggs. And, as my hens keep turning broody and I've got no cages to de-brood them, I've got another two sitting on 7 eggs.  We're going to have plenty of duck breast and legs a-la-confit next year!
The veges in the plastic containers are doing well, the tomatoes have started to set, the herbs are coming back and the cats are still NOT getting in!
Talking about the cats: have the live trap set again, we've seen a couple of times another unknown cat around here. A tabby like Purdie, but slinkier and younger looking.  Please let it be a 'kitten' so that it can be re-homed by the SPCA!
And as for the bunnies, no breeding as I haven't got any space. But I will have to get onto that soon or I will be too late for a decent autumn harvest.

hope to see you all again in the new year