Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cheese update

One week later, the second half has been tested and found to be "just like the store bought one"!
One more to go, in weekly intervals, and I will kind of know what the best time frame for my home made cheese is.That is assuming that my process will always be the same.

Anyway, spent a gloriously sunny day moving our roofing iron. Cleaning each side and moving it about 10 ms to another site, and then wrapping it in heavy polythene to keep it clean and dry. 31 lengths, and yes , it was as  boring than it sounds!!! This should have gone on the roof of our new wing, but as not needed we will now use it for the car port.

Next project, while the weather stays fine: roof on the goat barn! In the next fortnight I'll be making the first move to getting our own goats milk by sending my girls on a date with a local billy goat. But til then I need to have the barn ready to house and protect them from the coming winter weather. The fence is a bit on the back burner, now that the electric fence is working reliably, and the goats are out grazing during the day, they don't seem have the need to escape. Which is fantastic, as it will give us some more time to find some nice wood to finish the fence with.

One of the rabbits, the Big White one, is looking kind of odd: more than his usual dopey, with a funny puffed-up nose and totally emaciated. I picked him up, and nearly dropped him when I could feel the texture of his spine. That fluffy fur might be keeping him warm, but doesn't really show his weight. So, now he's in isolation, I've got a sneaking suspicion that daddy Silver is proving his alpha male role by not letting him eat much. As he looks so much different to the others, size and colour, he's an easy target to pick. Now he's getting all he can eat, and if he behaves (and puts weight on) he might even get visits from the girls. Even though he doesn't seem to be that interested!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another success

A couple of days ago I transferred the furry cheeses into the fridge, and today I decided to check if they were any good. Especially as one of them, at one stage was smelling quite... peculiar. Well, cut it in half, and it looks like a shop bought brie, smells like one, and after letting it get warm, tastes like one. I'd call that a success, considering that I had contemplated throwing it to the chickens!

The day before yesterday I had baked a Hefezopf, one plain and one with raisins, for Easter. And they have been very nice too.

I definitely will have to start back on my exercise regime next week. Not much chance while the kids are on holiday, but that also gives my body more of a chance to recuperate from this dreadful flu!

Stay safe during the holidays, especially if driving.