Saturday, February 25, 2012


I think I'm in need of some homeopathic remedy: it has been a week of departures and losses.

I had bought a little bottle of Ignatia remedy which is supposed to help cope with the grieving process of loss. I got it in case the family or the goats would suffer to badly from the sudden departure of two of the baby goats. Not over the rainbow bridge, just to a neighbour down the road who loves goats and got some spare space!

For the past couple of days I have been feeling extremely down and tired and put it down to being tired, it had been a busy week. But this afternoon I realized it had been a busy week of departing animals:
On Tuesday I dispatched and processed four chickens.
On Wednesday I did a duck. And that one duck took me longer than the four chickens!
And this morning we took Max and Fipps to our neighbour and saw them settled in a cosy pen, in the middle of their future home paddock.

And as this had been planned and organized for the past couple of weeks, I hadn't realized how it might affect me.
Well, I took a dose and hopefully in a couple of days I'll be right as rain again!

As you can imagine, it was a very productive week, the freezer is stocked with some homegrown chicken bits and on Saturday we had the duck as a birthday lunch for Ross.
And it was perfect. After 4 hours labouring in the kitchen we had a grand lunch and everyone enjoyed it. The duck was done just right and even the kids enjoyed the flavour. Not a lot on it though, but just enough for the four of us. Which is plenty.
Anyway, three more to go, but this time I will take a short cut and deal with them as I do with the chickens: breast and drum sticks.
And on Wednesday I should be able to start my first goat cheese, just waiting for the culture to arrive.
At the same time I should try starting my own sourdough starter, nothing better than fresh goats' cheese on warm crunchy sour dough bread!
If successful, more on the food blog. ;-)