Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another month gone!

And what's happened since?

Riley's gone home and according to his mum has picked up a different accent!! He seems to have done the job well and truly as neither of the girls have come back into heat! The earliest possible due date is the 18th of September. I have been drying of Tui as well, so for now I'm just feeding them and keeping an eye on their condition.

Thumbelina's nose has healed and she's putting on the pork! Her siblings/cousins were butchered yesterday, and according to the homekill guy he wouldn't do them any bigger than now: juiciest and easiest to handle. Interesting experience, made a lot easier to observe when the person doing it all has heaps of experience and is quite calm and happy to explain! Scored me the liver, kidney's and heart of the first pig. Now searching to get all the ingredients together to make a nice pate with it.

Our pet bunny Brownie had been recovering and putting on a bit weight again when she came down with snuffles/flu/pneumonia. As I couldn't afford to take her to the vet, they can only identify these through extensive blood tests, I trawled the web to find out about these and natural remedies. In the mean time I settled her inside in a large box to take her out of the worst of the cold and keep a close eye on her. She seems to be going through the "classic" stages of a flu in a human, snotty nose and all. But, she's started eating her apples and pellets again. So here's hoping she's strong enough to pull through by herself.

The ducks are behaving like a couple now, he's guarding her in the house, but still no eggs!
Same as the chickens, 20 hens and NO egg in sight. A lot of beaks to feed for no visible return. On top of 14 late chicks that seem to be fending rather well for themselves. Either we must be feeding the rats well enough or the chicks hide well at night. None lost since I've let them free range a week ago.

The teenage bunnies are going on a rampage every now and then, so I will have to divide them up and put the boys with Werner into the big run!

As our local dairy farmer has finished milking for the season, I had a frantic last week, trying to make a cheese every second day. And I did, but more of that and pics on the foodie page!

Gardening is getting harder and harder as the air gets colder, but I've still got 1-2 rows of winter veg to plant before it's too late. That digging soil is quite hard work. But hey, one spade at a time means it'll get turned eventually.

That's all for this month, the next one peeking around the corner already,