Tuesday, September 27, 2011


And here are some photos:
our cats, Elli and Purdie, and one with our dog Tuppence.
The bunnies, the black ones are already spoken for and growing nicely!
And our two broodies sitting on duck eggs.
And my daughter's two favourite soft toys!!!!
Food chain!

 I'm NOT fat!



Ginger's babies
 Ginger's black one.

Lavender's babies

Lavender's black one




Weigh in 4

Another week has raced by and a few priorities have changed.
I sat down and wrote down when I could be expecting my ducklings and baby goats and realized that the raised vege beds will have to wait. I've got to finish the duck enclosure in the next three weeks and make the goat fence baby proof in 6 weeks. Taking the weather variable into account, and my aging body I can't spend time getting the raised beds made. That will have to wait. So, in the past two days I've been sorting out wood and started on the fence yesterday. With the wonderfully ( NOT) incapacitating result of a pulled muscle in my back! If I can get my husband to bang in the first post, I'll be able to slowly work on the rest. Til the back is strong enough again to do some more digging.
So, to slowly warm up, I weighed the bunnies again today:
Yellow      1380g
Black        1335g
Red          1360g
Green       1210g

Mixed results, but as they are still a fair way away from decision making time I'm not even going to contemplate who will be kept for breeding and who for eating.

TTFN, photos maybe later.