Monday, April 30, 2012

First post of the month on the first day of the month! Hah!

I know, that title is a bit of a mouthful, but I just couldn't resist!

Right, where are the animals?!

Goats: still in the next door paddock and yesterday Riley was VERY territorial and I saw him paying attention to Tui, who was Very much a tart! Next Monday I will know if he was successful with Poppy and then it's home time for him. Way too smelly and when I have to take them of the paddock I can't tether 4 goats.
Here they are attacking the gorse at the far end of the paddock:

Thumbelina decided to get one of her nose rings hooked into the fence and pull the darn thing out! Now one side of her snoz is hanging down and I'm waiting for the vet to decide whether anything needs to be done: I had taken photos and emailed them to him. And he's just come back to let nature take its course, no discernible improvement could be gained by removing the flap! I love my vet: has a look at the pics and makes a decision that saves all of us time and money! Other than that she's turning into a truly greedy piggy and putting on the daily pounds!!!! And loves to roll over onto her side for tummy and chin rubs.

Three of our drakes have dearly departed and provided already two very yummy meals. I still have to perfect my cooking of them, but Ross reckons I pretty near nailed it last time. One more lot sitting in the freezer waiting for another Sunday feast.

The chickens and rabbits are having a bit of a reprieve, I just don't seem to find the time to do it. Nor the inclination in the weather, which happens to be getting colder and colder.
Yesterday Ross and I went out to the neighbour's place to cut down a couple of trees for firewood. We got two good trailer loads and were feeling rather cheekily smart while keeping the fire place stoked today.

My first attempt at making a concrete feeding trough was quite successful, so I will try to make a trough a week! At $5 versus $40 a pop I reckon it's well worth the learning curve.

Keep safe and warm.