Friday, November 4, 2011


For some reason, no idea what has been happening, I forgot to write about the birth of the chicks and ducklings.

Our rooster Rusty had died on 2.10.11 and on 5.10.11 one of the hens walked out of the bush with his last progeny, 12 chicks.

The ducklings were born on the 18. and 19.10.11 and had been sat on by two hens. They had been playing musical chairs with the eggs and I doubted any would hatch. One egg was rotten, and one duckling didn't survive the night. Now we've got 6, three dark coloured ones and three yellow ones. Still waiting for a reply from the breeder regarding that difference. For now they're growing well, which is good!

Finished of the bunny run properly and it's working great so far. The boys, all 15 of them, are enjoying the space.

Today I'll be taking the first milking stand attempt apart and start on the second. This one will be hung from the wall and make more space in the barn.