Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Countdown has started!

As of Sunday, 20.11.11 I am counting down the days until the goats will definitely have had something!
On Sunday it was T - 40. I won't be reporting daily, but if you see a number it pretty much means nothing has happened and so many more to go!
Tui's still suffering from mastitis, but at least she's getting used to being handled on the milking stand. And that stand has been a blessing in disguise: having to handle her and administer the medication is so much easier with it. Hopefully the mastitis won't be of a problem anymore once she has kidded!

Until then I've got Project duck to keep me occupied. As they are literally growing over night I have to make a new home for them. After having learned from the first failure I am now making a decent large house and will make a properly fenced-in run. At night I will lock them into house and during the day will let them out into the run; and once they are big enough into the orchard. But even the orchard will get fenced in eventually.
Anyway, on Saturday I started making the house and put the finishing touches on today. Ross gave me technical advise and recommendations regarding materials to use. But the actual sawing, drilling etc was done by me.
I was going to post some pics, but the uploader is having a hissy fit. I will try at another time.

That's it for now, a short and sweet update on the general state of things. Well not quite, I don't think I've mentioned the chicks, chickens, hens AWOL and that female bunny who's decided 3 days ago to make a nest and pull out all her fur, even though I don't think she could be pregnant. But I haven't sat down with the calender and checked when all the boys got moved. I'll leave her be, not much I can do about it either way anyway!

Peace and out.