Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pounui weigh-in

Watch out: Pounui weight watchers are tracking weights around here!
Collared, sexed (hopefully correctly) and weighed at 4 weeks old:
Red        poss. female   640 g
Green     poss.female    526 g
Black           female       592 g
Yellow          male         640 g

The babies seem to be weaned, they are now eating everything mum eats: fresh grass, hay, fresh vege scraps and pellets.
Mum might be due for another litter in a week, so I will have to move the babies to a separate hutch. Hope they won't miss mum too much.

Unfortunately their dad, Uno (the big white rabbit with the big snoz) died yesterday morning unexpectedly.
After doing a simple autopsy and posting the photos on forums, I'm relieved that he doesn't seem to have succumbed to an infectious disease. On the other hand, his condition ( possibly urinary calculi) is something I will have to bear in mind when raising more male big bunnies for breeding: they need obviously more exercise to keep everything moving and flowing properly. A shame he had to be the one to teach me that, but at least his kids seem to have inherited his pleasant character disposition, so I will see what will come of them.