Sunday, June 26, 2011

Never a dull day!

Boy if I had known then what I know now!

In the afternoon I had set the live trap to try and catch a feral cat that I had seen hanging around.They are a real threat to NZ native wildlife and attack my livestock, chickens and rabbits. Just before going to bed I heard a tiny meow, double tracked back, saw our cat flat out in front of the fireplace and raced next door to get my hubby and a big torch. We went and looked, and there it was: a dark grey tabby. BUT, not looking or behaving like a feral cat at all. Ferals, as soon as they see a human hiss and spit and will try to turn any arms or fingers into mince meat.This one looked like it just wanted to come out for a cuddle and a feed.

Anyway, we wrapped it up for the night, to make sure it was dry and safe in the cage, and decided to make a decision the next morning.

Morning came, and the kids, after realizing we had another puddy cat on our hands wanted to take it out, cuddle and feed and do all sorts of silly kid stuff with it.
Basically, they wanted to keep it.
Since I'm the main caretaker of all our livestock around here, I on the other hand had decided to pass it on to the SPCA. Defer the decision making responsibility.
Called them and had arranged we'd drop it off at the vets on Monday morning, get it checked out and then see what happens.
During the weekend I had to stop the dog from scaring it out of its wits, the kids constantly sitting in front of it talking to it, and hubby, every time he heard it meow he'd answer back!
Every time we fed it we got more and more proof that this was a very affectionate pet, at one point I had half my arm in the cage and it would rub against it and purr! But, it is blind on one eye, and we think most of its teeth are gone. Not a good sign, big possiblity of later complications. That on top of having to socialize, resocialize three animals, on top of having to care for all the other critters, made a decision harder but clearer. It wouldn't be fair on it, to keep it for a while, but if things don't work out with the other animals to dump it again. Rather give it straight away to the right people and they will find the right place for it.

So, this morning it went to town, and I just rung the vet. The nurse seemed to confirm my suspicion that its health issues would make it a very expensive and labour intesive pet to give to someone, therefore they would euthanise it. They will ring once a decision has been made, and even though I'm incredibly sad that a loving trusting creature is to be put down, it is for the better. At least it will be in a safe and humane way.

It just makes me SO angry to know that there are sooo many irresponsible people out there and have to actually deal with the consequences of it.

On a funny note: I think I've got house proud chickens:
the hen house needed cleaning, but with all the stuff happening that chore never got done. And the hens never seemed to be in it. Today though, sunny and still out here, I went out and gave it a good clean up and lots of clean fresh bedding. Haven't seen the hens since, they're all inside checking the boxes out and giving the floor a good scratching!
Now, how to teach the hens to either choose a "toilet" spot or get them to scratch the rubbish into one corner to make it easier to clean?!