Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's been a while!

And heaps has happened, as it should.
But on some days it seems to be more than I can handle.
The bunnies have produced, almost to the minute of conception. With two authorized and supervised matings and two unauthorized ones we've now got 21 new bunnies. Unfortunately the majority seem to be boys. I have had a few friends asking for some girls, but I think only a few of the white ones are girls this time. It doesn't matter much with roasts, but to keep as pets girls are better.
In the first couple of weeks we lost 3 babies: one fell out of the nest and died of hypothermia and two were the victims of our adopted cat.
On a positive note, the chicks are thriving in a "new" second hand hutch which I found a couple of weeks ago at our tip recycle centre. More space for them to run around and develop their motor skills, and enough space for mum too. After all, it's 12 chicks!

And the ducklings have finally hatched: out of 8 eggs 7 were fertile, and 6 survived the hatching process. One problem now though, three of them don't exactly look like Rouen chicks. Will have to have a word with my egg supplier. ;-)

And the goats definitely seem to be pregnant!  Hehe, how definite can seem be?
I dont know, but the obliging Billy's owner reckons I'm well on my way of becoming a goat nana! She reckons our girl Poppy is way bigger then when she saw her last, so here's hoping and keeping fingers crossed!

Update done for today on the critter front, it's been a very busy school holiday too, just in the last week we're literally having visitors daily. And most of them for sleep overs too! And since they're all friends and come to see us and not the house, it's pretty casual and entertaining.