Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another success

A couple of days ago I transferred the furry cheeses into the fridge, and today I decided to check if they were any good. Especially as one of them, at one stage was smelling quite... peculiar. Well, cut it in half, and it looks like a shop bought brie, smells like one, and after letting it get warm, tastes like one. I'd call that a success, considering that I had contemplated throwing it to the chickens!

The day before yesterday I had baked a Hefezopf, one plain and one with raisins, for Easter. And they have been very nice too.

I definitely will have to start back on my exercise regime next week. Not much chance while the kids are on holiday, but that also gives my body more of a chance to recuperate from this dreadful flu!

Stay safe during the holidays, especially if driving. 

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