Friday, February 10, 2012

Gotta stop blogging! ;-)

never a dull day on the farm: after yesterday's post I went about my things in the other house and saw something different in the goat paddock. You know the game "Spot the Difference"? I'm pretty good at it: saw a white spot in the paddock and wondered what it could be, as it clearly shouldn't be there. Then a thought flashed through my head: a duck! Don't ask me why, it certainly was too far away to see clearly. So I got outside and by then the spot had disappeared.I knew then, an animal.  Raced down, as light-footed as possible and try to locate it.
And found a duck trying to hide underneath a flax bush!
A little white-headed beauty. I think it's a juvenile Paradise duck, but will have that confirmed or corrected today by the experts on my Lifestyle forum!

She's got an injury on her head, quite a bit of skin seems to have been ripped of in an attack, but it's not bleeding anymore, and she doesn't seem on death's doorstep. So I'm hoping with a couple of days of undisturbed rest, out of the weather and away from potential predators she'll come right soon. I'm wondering if she could be tamed,she's just too gorgeous, but I doubt it,she seems too grown up already.
Anyway, time will tell, and it's left a smile on my face!
And I hope yours too!

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