Sunday, February 6, 2011


The first bunny roast was a success.
I had spent all day cooking and baking: red cabbage with bacon and garlic, pears poached in spicy red wine, poaching liquid was made into a kind of custard/jelly afterwards, Spaetzle, and a white wine sponge cake for dessert.

The kids tried it all, Mr.10 ate his bunny leg, and the neighbours kept having seconds.
The bunny was tender and moist, tasting kind of like chicken, but not as dry, and the rest went well together too.
All in all, quite a success. Add to that children who disappeared quietly after dinner, a bottle of bubbles and a nice chat. Just as well it was a Saturday night, the kids didn't mind going to bed late!!!

I should have photographed it, as proof. But I'm sure they'll be plenty more dinners like this, so when I'm less flustered and can arrange it nicely I'll photograph it.

I should be doing the remaining six, but the goat fence and painting is needing to be done as well. Priorities: do I want more roasts in the freezer, the goats safely fenced in or the bedrooms finished asap?  I think painting it will be.

Haven't recorded the progress in the bedrooms at all, it will come as quite a shock for some people how it actually looks now! Stunning as far as I'm concerned.

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