Sunday, June 5, 2011

Queen's Birthday Monday

Another day alternating between rain and sun.
Spent it so far baking nut bread, peach&white chocolate muffins and prepping dinner, Duck with Spaetzle.
And really looking forward to getting properly into the garden.
I've always believed that I just don't have a green thumb, but I'm not going to believe it any longer. I reckon if I follow the "instructions" for each plant properly I will be able to grow what I want to.
This morning I walked through our covered garden and saw that the Pineapple Sage plant, which was just plucked out of the ground by a very friendly and knowledgeable lady, had starting sprouting new leaves at all the tops of the branches.
It gives me hope, that the rest of the greenery will flourish as well.

Having a wee rest before staring dinner, I feel weirdly connected to earth, maybe the glass of bubbles might have something to do with it, or having read a nice article on Worm- and Southernwood.Or knowing that in a fortnight I will pick up more plants from the lovely Heather, and gather more useful tips and friendly chat.

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