Saturday, June 25, 2011

What a week!

This week I had organized for a Billy goat to come and pay a visit to my girls.
After having cleaned the rabbit cages I raced to school to pick him up.
What a handsome boy. Here's a video of the first meeting!

Riley and the girls

Today, Saturday night,

I'm in the weirdest position now: waiting, for not sure what?!
The girls are showing such different behaviours since Riley's turned up: the smaller stroppy one is becoming quite attached and cuddly, stopped head butting! And sleeps in the box with him. The bigger one, more sedate has started packing strops!! She sleeps in the middle of the paddock, even though a covered barn is available. And today I thought I'd leave them all day together in the paddock so they'd have all day to get used to each other.
Well that went down like a lead balloon with the bigger one. In the end she somehow managed to get out and Riley had followed!!!

Even though he behaves as if she is or coming into heat, she is NOT interested! I'm getting the dirtiest looks from her and she's complaining ALL day.

And hubby is definitely NOT interested in getting a buck for good. He reckons he can smell him from the house! And he's not interested in the details of goat mating behaviour!!!!!!

So, now I'm sitting here, checking their bums several times daily if they change appearance and not really sure what to do.

Patience is not my greatest virtue, and the first time I expected bunny babies 30 days seemed incredibly long, but that seems to fly by now in comparison.

Never a dull day I suppose.

OH is worried about the state of my nerves if/when we actually will expect kids!!! I better make that barn VERY comfy, I can imagine myself spending the night there for the first lots.

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