Friday, July 29, 2011

Yay messy job out of the way:  bunny enclosures all cleaned up, and all three girls set up in their individual spaces. They were starting to fight a bit, and with only 9 days to go I don't want them scrabbling over space! And now Brownie is running around with a hay moustache too. Just waiting for her to start pulling the fur out and my week will be all good!

Goat's minxy, especially Tui is again behaving like a cheeky cow and constantly trying to attack Poppy. The wind we've been having isn't helping, but I bet somehow Riley gone is worse.

Chickens locked up, as I have not been getting any eggs. No more Mrs.Nice Lady.

Bread baked, firewood chopped and brought in, and the new spot for the vege garden planned. Now I just have to go out and start digging.

Getting ready for the Southerly to hit again tonight, at least we know our electric blankets are working! 


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