Friday, January 14, 2011

Stock management

Today I finished putting pigtails up and let the goats into the next paddock.
Pigtails? Yeah, this:

And then wound tape all around the new "paddock". As we don't have flat square paddocks as most (?) conventional farms, we find adequate spaces and then put the fence around it. Flexible grazing.
And as soon as I opened the gate the girls were through. They have been on the home paddock since they got here, and it's getting a bit bare. Now, if they've got their heads down you can't see them because the grass, heather and other bits and bobs are so tall.
They are looking VERY content, like being first at a Smorgasbord !

Have warned the neighbours that a new set-up is getting tried out, and we might have escapees.
I have found our neighbours wonderfully tolerant, as long as we're trying our hardest to make sure the animals are sheltered and secured.

And a couple of pics of the remaining livestock: wabbits, duckies and some chickies too.

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