Friday, January 7, 2011

And last ...

...but not least: I've started to make my own cheese!
At the moment I'm using cow's milk and have successfully made Quark for my Christmas Stollen.
Next I'll be trying to make a Camembert, but I need to set up our old bar fridge as my cheese cave first.
And it'll be all in preparation for making my own tasty, yummy Goat's cheese. Once the goats actually give milk, that is of course.
Nothing quite as satisfying as learning to make something and it tastes better than the shop-bought stuff!
And that's it for today,

Goats seem to be doing fine, ducklings enjoying their small paddling pool, chicken cackling away in the distance and the bunnies lounging & eating! Add to that sunshine, a slight breeze and bird song and you've got a spot in Paradise.

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