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16th January 2009

And a second post ;-)

Posted 16th January 2009 at 09:19 AM by pisa
At this rate it will be a very slow blog , but here's the next entry:

The two first chicks turned into roosters, one made very good dinner

The second one, now named Chester and his dad had been fighting a lot and so we got him a couple of girls for his own, and he was very happy for a while, but: one went broody and the second one wasn't laying eggs, so he wasn't too interested anymore.

Meanwhile in the other run, another had gone broody and sat in the bush on a nest of 21 eggs!! Trying to arrange for a second hutch, and really bad weather turned that lot into a bit of a train crash: in total I got 3 chicks and lost the hen. She must have caught a virus and died. Another hen took over for the last week of sitting . And that hen is just a bit too casual looking after the chicks, she lost one!

Back with Chester: three feisty gorgeous chicks and him being good providing dad. Two weeks ago disaster struck again: one died suddenly and the second one is broody again and been sitting on eggs for 2 days now. Which is great as far as I'm concerned, but HE seems to be feeling lonely and not interested in his off spring

So he's hanging around the other hen run a lot

This morning, all of them, 2 roosters, 2 lots of chicks ( aged 4 weeks apart) and hens all in one run ! The older lot of chicks being careful, but not getting pecked, and now they have settled in the big tree over the run. I'm tempted to leave them all together, all the chicks can fly and it's totally free range.

The roosters still seem to fight, but I've just given up and will let them sort it out. Unless it gets to bloody!

The Silver Wyandotte hen is now on her second lot of eggs, my fourth lot since we've got chickens, and I'm getting over it . Still excited to see new chicks, but with our set-up I struggle to look after everyone properly!

We will need a bigger hen house and run if I want to raise chicks for our meat supply, so doing it this way has certainly taught me a lot, with hopefully no one for the worse off

That's it for today,
try to keep it short and sweet.

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