Friday, January 7, 2011


Meds round Draft Blog Entry

Posted Today at 09:35 AM by pisa
In moments like these, I do wonder if I've taken on too much: this morning I did the rounds with meds: wormer for the chickens in their water, and then off to drenching the goats.
Despite me having only a small syringe, and squirting it into the back of their mouths 3 - 4 times, to get to appropriate dosage into them, they cooperated very nicely. I suppose having nuts in between helped. Now they have pink lips. And I'm wondering when and what to worry about, as the drench can potentially kill them!

Even though it's screwing with my head at the moment, everything is gearing me up to dispatching some of the livestock.
Bunnies first, the first four should be ready in a weeks or so. Anyway, they're getting done!

And then reducing the chicken numbers, selling and butchering. The last batch of chicks is now 8weeks, so they are half way there. Whether they like it or not.

Just as well we got a chest freezer recently.

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