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27th February 2008

My first blog here ;-)

Posted 27th February 2008 at 09:18 AM by pisa
Well, it has been a very interesting road traveled getting lifestock: chickens for starters.

This forum  has been an incredible source of information and helpful people. I certainly wouldn't have ventured into the next chapter without it:
getting a rooster and finding out what nature has in store for us.

Well, today it seems that it is going to be at least one chick. Out of two eggs that's not bad going I reckon. I'm too excited for words, almost like when I found out that I was pregnant.

New life, opportunities, challenges, and downfalls.

Even though I struggle sometimes with the isolation of country life, I love it to bits and wouldn't go back to the city for all the money in the world. Unless of course my family's health required it for some reason!

And that's another lovely thing about this forum, it's full of people that feel the same, are positive about their choices and happy to talk about it and to you!!

So, I'll leave at that for today, there will be more updates on the animals!!

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