Saturday, February 12, 2011

Life ...

... can be way too much for me, my heart, my brain and my soul to cope with.

Right now I'm suffering from a major anxiety attack, and know that only a good night's rest and carrying on with the jobs will prevent another bout of depression. And I just don't feel I can do it. I'm not so sure about writing this down, in the public domain, but on the other hand I feel if I keep it bottled up my head will explode. The worst is, I don't even know why or what has brought it on, so can't even exorcise the demon by talking about it.

Anyway, had a couple of awesome weekends, trying out my homemade foods, mainly rabbit roasts, and this weekend I managed to get a few more post holes dug, which means during the week I'll be closing a bit more in.
And tomorrow two of our bunnies are going to a new home, and the rest will get prepared for the freezer. By the end of next week we should be down to six from 19, which should make the feed bill less, and the work as well.

And then just waiting for the ducks to mature: find hopefully new homes for them, either as breeding stock or in the freezer too.
And when that's all done, we should know whether either of the girls has had a successful meeting with the buck  (when they were still at home). By then the fence and the barn should be ready and life will quieten down.

Well, so the theory goes, let's wait for what kind of curve balls we get thrown in the mean time!

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