Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mixed Feelings

In the last 12 hours I received three phone calls from my family checking we're alright after the earthquake.
My family operates on the principal that if we don't hear anything from you we assume you're doing fine! It's taken a major natural disaster for them to pick up the phone and call.
If the situation weren't soo damn scary, frightening and sad, it would be funny. But as it is, I feel sad, because in the case of a disaster hitting us, they wouldn't be able to get hold of us for ages. And would miss out on all the latest happenings in our lives.
I suppose writing here will give them a chance, but still, it's kind of second hand.

Despite the added pressure of being sick myself, I feel kind of relieved to have the kiddies at home because of colds. Feeling very clucky and wanting to keep them close. We've gone through emergency procedures, and checked on the medical emergency kit. So, doing what I can to be prepared.
And waiting for the Big One for Wellington.

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