Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Note to self:

watch the girls in 29 days.
And get the cages ready with clean dry hay.
All three had escaped, we think a feral cat might have pushed the run open, and spent I don't know how long in the open. And we have a resident wild rabbit, called Trevor/Trevorina.
BUT, eventually we caught them all and they're back under lock and key.
I don't really want to have babies from the wild, they don't put on as much meat, but I suppose I just will have to wait and see.
At least they are not in the wild anymore, I would feel absolutely atrocious contributing in this way to the rabbit plague.

Out for today, trying to cope with the helplessness following the latest big earthquake in Christchurch, fortunately all family and friends seem to fine for now.
And having sick kids at home, which is actually kind of a blessing: life goes on as far as they are concerned, food needs to be prepared and battles mediated. And boredom alleviated! Not to mention all the animals on the farm of course still want their share of food and attention.
As a friend said: "Surreal"!

All my best wishes for the people in Christchurch and their families.

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