Sunday, October 2, 2011

Critters and their nature

On Thursday we woke up to a half dead baby bunny in the kitchen. My first job was to euthanize it asap. Later on I examined the cage and found that all the baby bunnies are now mobile enough to leave their nurseries.
Our adopted cat Purdie has realised there's a mouse family living under the rabbit cage and caught a baby mouse. And after that baby bunny crawled out she's now after the BIG mice! 
I'm keeping mouse traps baited, and caught three so far, but have to make sure that in the mean time no more babies can escape or get fiddled out of the cage: I discovered another baby in that litter with a major scar under the chin and near the eye! I don't know exactly who the culprit was, but pretty sure it was one of our cats.
So, the babies are mobile, the older white ones are starting to seriously practice making babies, which meant the boys are in their own solitary cages. I will have to separate them before the hormones seriously kick in, I don't want them to get into the habit of fighting each other. And then of course the duck run will need to get started, latest due date is the 21st of October!

And to top it all off, my little girl has finally come down with a cold, again. For the past, ah, I don't know 4-6 terms, she's always come down with something in the last week of school. A day at home for her, a sleepless night for me and worrying about her state of health.

And the school PC seems to be infected with two Trojans! Which means working on the back up PC, which works just fine, but is considerably slower. Patience will be tried today!


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