Sunday, October 2, 2011

What a start of the week :(

Right, after having fed and watered all the animals, tethered the goats to a good browsing spot, had breakfast and then went to check on our sickly rooster Rusty. He had been quiet for the past week and I had isolated him in a separate hutch to give him peace and quiet to recuperate. Unfortunately, he didn't get over whatever had been ailing him. He was lying dead in the hutch.
So I've had the enviable task of plucking some of his prettiest feathers as a memento for my boy and then bury him, next to Uno the stud bunny.

As I was digging the hole, I wondered what some archaeologist might interpret into the " random" burials of animals around our property. We've got two sites at the moment reserved for our "pet" farm animals. I wonder what someone would make of that!!! "They "worshiped" their farm animals and buried them facing the East! They must have been also worshipers of the rising sun!"

Back to the chores, making a frame for casting concrete pads for the duck run.

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