Monday, November 28, 2011

Duck run up and running

After the last couple of weeks of building, ramming warratahs in the ground and putting mesh up it's finally done.
On Sunday evening I moved the ducklings into their new enclosure. Complete with 'shower-tray' bath feature. It took them a while to get into it, but once they did there was no stopping. They splashed and paddled til they all were absolutely soggy wet.

We all went to bed completely shattered and then the storm started. I thought I could leave them out and not worry about chasing them to lock them up in the hut. I was wrong: I was tossing and turning so badly that in the end I gave up and went out in my PJ's and gumboots, torch in hand and chased them, 2x2x2, until I had them all safely locked up in the hut. And just as well I had gone down, the roof had blown open and was hanging of the hinges. Fortunately nothing had broken and a few more bricks on the top of it secured it for the night.
Here now the pics of the whole process:

And as a final touch, a couple of images of the resident wild pheasant that came to visit a couple of times in the past weeks.

That's all folks,
Peace and out!

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