Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Times like these...

...make me very happy about my choices.
Bed time was approaching and the kids were kind of cooperating. Closing their doors I was wondering if I could get away with taking the goats in straight away or whether all hell would break loose once I had left the building?
Well, went and did it anyway.
Got the pellets for bribery, glass jar for milk, the Phytolacca and got Tui first. Cooperating all the way and stripping done in minimum time ( milk still stringy and ever so lightly pinkish). Got Poppy: she was fully into the idea of having little tidbits while walking back to the paddock!  That distance normally takes her 20 minutes, if I keep pushing and pulling. Today, I think it would have been less than 5!
Next the ducks to be locked  back into their hut.
First, a cuddle with the heaving mass of bunnies and grabbing a few handfuls of fresh grass for them.
Went towards the hut, quietly because I had seen some movement inside and found they had taken themselves to bed already! I upset them a bit by actually looking closer in to count, but not too close: they've been in there only for 3 days and already the pong is too much to bear!
To counter that I decided to pick on of my pink roses that had opened over the last few days and it is smelling heavenly.
On my way back I checked and the kids doors were still shut and it was peacefully quiet.

Tomorrow will be most probably the day from hell, so I thought I'd better write this down to remind myself when it gets too bad, that it will get good again too!


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