Sunday, September 30, 2012

Zippity doo dah yay wayho

Spring caught up with me and as per usual I'm having a hard time keeping up!
Just a quick update, with some pics:

First up in the spring bonanza we had four white baby bunnies on the 2nd of September. There had been two more, but they had been too big and were born dead. Not too sure if my "breeding scheme" is working.

Next, four chickies: I had gotten Light Sussex eggs to add a different colour to my flock. Of 11 eggs four hatched live on the 14th of September.

And a fortnight ago (16.9) Poppy gave birth to two boys ( two days early), with serious help for the first one. I assume due to the stressful birth she developed mastitis and I ultimately had to give her a dose of Penicillin. It was all touch and go with her last Friday, but she's come right since then and is feeding her two boys well. And Tui, not to be outdone, gave birth on Saturday (29.9) to two boys. Three days early. And she did it all by herself, but was still grateful for the fortified cuppa tea I gave her afterwards.

Here are Poppy, Kara and Thing 1 and 2

And here Thing 3 and 4.

And our duck has been laying again, I've got now 9 eggs and I need to find a broody hen to hatch them now.

In the beginning of September we were dog sitting a friend's puppy and that added a whole new layer of organizing. She's a lovely Lab cross and at seven months was a lot more lively than our seven year old dog and 18 year old cat.

And last, but not least our fourth attempt at setting up a vege and herb garden that doesn't get used as a cat's litter box. We've had fences that were too high for the cats or chickens AND me! We absolutely adore the flexi tubs and decided to try these instead of planters. So, here is this year's colour scheme: red for tomatoes and green for salads, herbs and other veges. Surrounded by a mesh fence, the bottom 2 1/3 squares folded over to create a smaller sized gap along the bottom part of it, as the 10cm hole seemed big enough for our old puddy cat to get her head through! Now it's wait and see. And lightly water: I'm always very disheartened at the sight of freshly planted seedlings. Despite being watered, they always look soo bedraggled in the first weeks.


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