Friday, October 5, 2012

Waste not, want not!

This was the weekend my darling daughter and I decided to do something with the liver, kidneys and heart of our pig Thumbelina.
As a child in Germany I grew up with a reasonably revolting bland version of Kalbsleberwurst, liverwurst made with veal and as an adult had tasted the most divine foie-gras. So I was intrigued to find out what it takes to make Liverwurst, a "peasant" style pate, and whether my family would eat it.
But first, I had to mince the meat! Since my last endeavours, involving a mains powered GRUNTY drill of my husband attached to a manual mincer, we had bought a proper electric meat mincer. And did it work a treat! I won't go into the details here, that'll be on the food blog!
Just trying to generate a bit more traffic over there.  ;-)
Interestingly, for the first time ever I did feel a bit squeamish handling these amounts of raw meat. I suppose because liver does have quiet a distinct strong smell.
Anyway, nearly 4 kg's of processed and seasoned meat later, I can say the family is not against eating pig liver! And they did not eat that all in one go, I've made some into pate and the rest into meat patties, which will be frozen and served as my homemade fast food! But, we had the patties for dinner and my carniverous bunch devoured a huge load of them.
And as for me, I think I'm actually all meated out! But I've still got to finish frying the rest of the patties. I'm really looking forward to my shower tonight!!!
Our way of paying respect to a lovely animal is making every bit count beautifully.
Not quite sure if I will ever get to do something with the head though: the kids and I were perusing an old cook book and it had a recipe for a pig's head! They were not impressed, no cries" We've got to try this one" either. Let's wait and see.

and the food stuff should go up, with a few pics too, in a couple of days.

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