Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fact Memo

Tanning data: the hides of the two younger kids weighed 3 and 2.5 kg respectively. Membranes were easily broken, came up relatively smooth out of the tanning process after 5 days in it. Stapled to some flat wood/pallets, dried for a day and today applied the commercial lubricant. Moritz's hide, at 16 months, is quiet a bit different. Not whether it's due to the later treatment or his age: during the fleshing and scraping process yesterday+today I noticed that in some parts I could see the hairs in the hide and the hide itself was nicking a lot easier than the younger ones. Also the hide itself weighs 3kg, but is of course bigger. Which would explain the thinner hide. But as to why? No idea. I would have assumed that with increase of age the hide thickens too, but so far the younger ones have been easier to skin and the follow-up treatment has been easier too. Let's wait and see how they fare once made up into cushions.

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