Sunday, June 9, 2013

Winter is almost here

and I'm still busy as the proverbial beaver!
First up, the hides have come up well. The last one, Moritz, was done slightly different ( lubed while wet and used about 5x more lube) has come up so well, we're keeping him for a decorative rug!

A few weeks back we had the last two boys done and this time I also stayed while they were shot. I tell myself, in case of an emergency I know how and where to place the shot, but I also feel I owe it to them, paying my respect by not shirking the last duty.
Anyway, our freezers are now overflowing ( reprieve for the ducks) and it is very decadent to be able to choose a lovely cut for our Sunday lunch. Decadence levels have thoroughly increased also by the addition of our dinner/pool table. We still need a second bench to accommodate a large party, but we're getting there. Neighbours are dropping hints at expecting a delectable curry and copious amounts of naughty deserts! Soon!

And finally, the bunnies have procreated!!! Three girls have had 11 babies between them and they all seem to be thriving. I had started feeding them mainly grass again and that seems to have triggered all the right responses! Our home kill guy told me, he always thought that bunnies don't breed as well in a drought, which we certainly have had, even though I don't think it'll make much difference with the bunny population down south.
And three of the little ones are coloured: black, ginger and lavender! And they are SO CUTE! I do love them at this stage, 2-8 weeks. Once they are three months and older they tend to loose their baby cuteness. Just as well!

The goat girls are back on the property and happily browsing on all the weeds and little bushes that have sprung up during their absence! In fact they are feeding so well, that they are incredibly frisky! Haven't organized anything about that yet, I'm still feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all the recent homekill, butchering and processing. And even the 'little' goats yield a fair amount of meat. We might be decidedly carnivores, but even for us, that's a lot of meat!

Part of the processing has been the making of liver pate, beef liver from a neighbour's cattle beast. Very nice and for the amount of lard in it, actually not too heavy.

On Saturday I finally managed to put up a crock pot of Sauerkraut, which is fermenting nicely in the hot water cupboard for the next 2-3 weeks. I love my home made one, it is soo much milder and more flavoursome than the store bought one.

Sorry about the short and pic-less entry,
more hopefully next time.
So she says, knowing full well there's two more hides in need of tanning, school trips to be gone on and a last weekend away in town before my friend heads overseas for a long holiday!


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